A former Minister of National Planning, Dr. Sulaiman Abubakar, in this interview , accuses President Muhammadu Buhari of not dealing with corruption holistically

“The government of the day should graduate by coming out with any revelation of anything that was abnormal (in Jonathan’s administration). Again, allegations after office are not peculiar with this administration. But we should allow due process to hold sway in the course of trying to know what happened or allow the courts of competent jurisdiction to perform their functions.

I am not saying that nothing has gone wrong and I am not also saying that something has gone wrong. What I am saying is that in the course of fighting corruption, there are laid down rules and regulations. There are laid down structures and institutions that are charged with that responsibility.

The government of the All Progressives Congress should allow those agencies to do their work without interruption and without interference. A situation where the state instruments are being used to coerce people or coerce the process here and there is not good for our democracy. The consequence of such in a democracy is anarchy which nobody would wish for”.