Police Officer Flogged n Raped Victim

An aide to the Commissioner of Police, Railway Command, Lagos State, identified as Agu, has been arrested for allegedly raping and beating a lady until she fell into a coma.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the incident happened inside the policeman’s apartment in the Railway Police Barracks.

It was learnt that 31-year-old Agu had tricked the victim, identified as Yeni, into the barracks.

He was said to have had sex with her, which the victim submitted to.

Later at night, he allegedly woke her up for another round of sex, which Yeni refused.

The duo were said to have struggled, but the suspect allegedly overpowered her.

He was said to have assaulted and raped her.

The victim reportedly passed out.

The police authorities were said to have arrested Agu, made him to face an orderly-room trial and dismissed him from the force.

the incident happened on Sunday.


It was learnt that the suspect, who was married with a kid, had separated from his wife.

The source said, “He had a habit of sleeping with all kinds of women. His wife separated from him due to his infidelity.

“Last Sunday, he saw the lady on the road and spoke to her. She agreed to the friendship and he invited her to his apartment.

“We learnt that they had sex, though the lady said she was initially against it. After the sex, they both fell asleep, but the policeman woke her up for another round of sex and she refused.

“Agu hit her with some objects. He flogged her till she sustained serious injuries which made her fell into a coma.

“He still had his way with her. It was the following morning that the police authorities in the barracks were informed and he was arrested.”


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