Both Dasuki and Kanu were granted bail. (The Federal Government should) release them on bail or charge them to court without any further delay as one bail does not cover all criminal offences. In fact, Nnamdi Kanu was charged with treason. He said he did not want a particular judge to try him. Take him before another judge. I defended Henry Okah who was charged with treason under the Yar’Adua administration. He was tried in camera in Jos. He was refused bail. If the government has fears that Dasuki will run away, there are ways of dealing with the situation under the law. From the information at my disposal, the EFCC has other charges pending against him. Since this is not a security matter ‘stricto sensu’, let the Department of State Services stay away and stop embarrassing the government. The EFCC is competent to handle a clear case of unprecedented looting of the treasury. The rule of law requires that the infraction of the law by any criminal suspect be dealt with under the rule of law and not under the rule of man.