IT’s REAL: Start Earning Money From Whatsapp



What messages you need to send to earn money using WhatsApp?
Now here is the main part. What messages you need to send? There are millions of websites on internet. You can choose any article on any website, based on your choice and interest. And share that useful contnent with your friends. That way you are not only sharing knowledge but making some bucks for yourself as well.

1. Visit this website (called

  1. Register using email or login with Facebook

  2. Get the URL of any article/webpage you want to share with your WhatsApp friends\  Paste it here & click ‘SHORTEN URL’.


4. Copy the shortened URL


5. (shortened URL looks like this)

Send this URL to as many WhatsApp contacts as you can


  1. More people who click on the link to read the content, more money you earn.

That’t it !

Note that their minimum cash out is 5$.

helpers hub

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