Are you sitting for the coming UTME (Unified Tertiary
Matriculation Examination) taking place on May 13-20?. If your answer
is yes, then you need to read the rest of this article and get to know
the smartest way to prepare in these final days before this all
-important matriculation test that is yearly organized by JAMB (Joint
Admissions Matriculation Board).

Take regular mock UTME:
An excellent way to prepare finally for the UTME is to regularly take
mock UTME, which serves as practice for the real UTME. The idea of
mock testing is for you to take a test which is similar to the
official test, especially in terms of the test format, question types,
number of questions, and time allowed. Certainly, taking mock UTME
papers on www.exametry.com will familiarize you with the official
UTME, particularly by giving idea of the question types you are going
to come up against in the real test.

Assess your work accurately:
After taking a mock test, your chief concern should be how to
accurately score your work so that you get to have true picture of
your performance. Typically, a computer-based-testing facility e.g.
www.exametry.com will automatically and accurately score your practice
work upon submission or at the expiration of the test time.

View your correct answers constructively:
After your mock test has been assessed on www.exametry.com, you can
then see both your correct and incorrect answers. Firstly, you should
reassure yourself that none of these correct answers is a fluke, that
you can always reproduce those correct answers if you encounter those
same questions again in any future test. In all likelihood, at least
one of your correct answers is guesswork, since correct guesses are
not unusual in a multiple-choice test. So wherever you merely guessed
right, you should consider the particular question until you know its
answer with certainty. Better still, you can and should imbibe the
explanatory solutions as provided on www.exametry.com, with the
intention to plug the gap in your knowledge which warranted such guess
work in the first place.

Correct your mock work effectively:
Correcting your work requires you to determine the right answers to
every question that you either failed to answer, or, which you
answered incorrectly. As for your wrong answers, you should first ask
yourself questions so as to identify the kinds of errors involved:

(I) Did you use wrong data or formula?
(II) Did you misinterpret the question?
(III) Was it as a result of memory mix-up? etc.

After identifying the nature of your shortcomings, ensure that you
correct these lapses instantly and effectively such that you won’t
repeat them in any future exam. For the purpose of effective
correction, you should see every wrong answer as an opportunity to
revise an entire topic, perhaps some material which you somehow missed
during your previous study or, in which you seem to have experienced
memory loss.

Aim for higher and higher score:
Of course, the best outcomes as you take more and more mock UTME
papers on www.exametry.com, is to achieve higher and higher score
within the given time. Obviously, your best bet is to manage your exam
time so efficiently that you are able to complete answering all the
questions before the exam time runs out. And for the fact that no
candidate gets extra marks for submitting before time, you should make
use of any time left on the clock (after you’re done answering the
questions), to inspect your work over and over, and correct any
identified error or omission in the process.

Excel with Exametry:
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Indeed, www.exametry.com offers you an excellent way to prepare
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