In the early hours of Tuesday, February 20, 2018, a bulldozer powered its way to No 11 Sambo Close in the Kaduna metropolis. Before long, the property occupying that address had been reduced to rubble. The demolished property belongs to Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi who sat in a meeting where the decision to suspend Governor Nasir Elrufai from the APC was arrived at this week.

“Mallam Elrufai personally drove a bulldozer accompanied by armored tanks to destroy my house at 11B Sambo Road. This is a new low and fighting dirty with such low level of pettiness is indeed unprecedented in Kaduna State”, Hunkuyi who represents Kaduna North in the senate, shared on Twitter.

Hunkuyi added that; “It is on record that few months back, Mallam Elrufai marked another property of mine in Hunkuyi town for demolition but residents of the area prevented the officials from demolishing it. Today he came well prepared with military men to destroy my house at Sambo Road.