#Nigeria : Tourist : Journey to Awhum Waterfall and Cave In Enugu State , Nigeria

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Nigeria and Enugu’s Awhum waterfall and cave is one of them.

Although the waterfall and cave are currently under the control of an Our Lady of Mount Calvary Cistercian Abbey, you can still get inside by asking for permission before visiting.

Ohum waterfall, which is officially known as Awhum waterfalls, is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu state.

The valley around also boasts of numerous pristine lakes, some of them with beautiful white sand beaches located about 24 kilometres from Enugu.

Also, the mystic auras from Awhum’s caves emits on her a unique kind beauty.The graceful Awhum waterfalls were birthed as a result of massive outcrop of granite rock with water cascading over the top, forming a stream.

The waterfall is 30 metres high and it is famed to have both healing powers and the capability of dispelling satanic or evil forces. It is for these reasons the falls have become a place of Christian pilgrimage and a prayer centre.

People visit to meditate or say a prayer for loved ones or just bask in the sweetness of the ambience of the cave.

What is the weather condition at Awhum’s waterfall?

It mostly rains from April to September, it is dry from December to March. The average daytime temperature is 28 degrees and the night time temperature is 23 degrees.

And, in terms of safety, Awhum’s waterfall is a safe location for tourists. Although getting there can be really tiring due to bad roads.


  1. Carry a bottle of water and hold on to the bottle for further use if you believe the water has healing powers. Fetch some!.

  2. You must travel light. Very light. A big camera is even weight. I went with only my iPhone and I was fine 🙂

  3. Follow all the instructions. Ladies, there’s no sexy here. Come like a Nun, else….you might be sent back

  4. Don’t wear dark coloured clothes, so your picture can pop.

  5. Tip the tour guides, well.

  6. Make arrangement with a bike to lessen the stress of your journey

  7. I recommend visiting between September and November. After the rainy season and before the dry season.

  8. The waterfall and cave is a place for Christian pilgrimage and a prayer centre. Please do not abuse in whatever form. Stick to the rules.

  9. Cut a stick in the woods and carry it along for support

“NO PHOTOGRAPHING OR FILMING IS ALLOWED” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 says the signboard.

Thanks for reading my story. Have you visited Awhum waterfalls before? Please share some of your highs and lows with us in the comment section.


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