#Nigeria:News:False Prohecy:Pastor sued by member for taking belongings for breakthrough

Church member sues pastor who took his SUV car and life savings

Founder of God Is Able Mega Fire Ministry at Opolo, Yenagoa in Nigeria has been arraigned for court by the Bayelsa State police after his arrest occasioned by a report filed by a churchgoer claiming that he had taken his Toyota SUV car and further made him withdraw all monies in his account for him.

Kingsley Abiekunogho reportedly made one Jones Seiyefa his Toyota SUV and N20, 000 to him in order to have a “spiritual breakthrough”.

He has been charged with obtaining the car and the money by false pretence.

Reports have it that during one of his church programmes in September last year, a visiting pastor asked the complainant to donate the said car N20, 000 in order to experience the breakthrough God had for him.

Jones Seiyefa was given some “special” the next day to drink so as to facilitate the breakthrough.

Apparently, it was only after transferring nthe ownership of the car and the money to the pastor that he came back to his real senses.

Instead of the breakthrough, the complainant’s life reportedly became more miserable.

A relative said she tried fruitlessly to stop the complainant from obeying the so-called prophesy.

She said: “By the grace of God, days after he did the change of ownership he came back to his senses and revealed that he did all he did because he was under some kind of influence.”

Kingsley Abiekunogho pleaded not guilty and the magistrate’s court judge, Eke Spiff ordered him to produce the guest pastor who pronounced the said prophecy.


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