#Nigeria : NEWS : Senator representing Gombe South senatorial district hides in emir’s palace as protesters hold him hostage

Gombe lawmaker, Senator Joshua Lidani, has had to seek refuge in the residence of the traditional ruler of Talasse town, the headquarters of Balanga Local Government Area, after he was approached by protesters to “answer some of their questions.”

According to a live Facebook update by an activist, Ibrahim Wala, on Monday, April 2, 2018, the lawmaker representing Gombe South senatorial district had paid an unscheduled visit to Talasse town where protesters say he has neglected since he was elected in 2015.

Wala said, “I think it is important for people to understand that our politicians are becoming some form of threat to us. I’m getting a situation report from Gombe state – Balanga local government, there is a situation going on.

“There is a kind of standoff between some of the youth of Balanga local government. They are calling on the senator representing Gombe south, Joshua Lidani who is on a visit to the local government headquarters. He is having difficulty getting out of the local government.

“It appears all the youth in the area are saying ‘no’, they don’t want to see him, they want him to account for his stewardship.

“Ever since he was appointed, he abandoned them, he has never gone to see them for a day. Today he paid a visit there.”

A protester in Talasse who spoke to Wala on the phone reported that the former deputy governor had “refused to visit Talasse since his election despite several appeals.”

He said the lawmaker also refused to answer or return calls from the people of his constituency“only for him to sneak in today” to meet with political associates as the 2019 elections approach.

He also revealed that youths had put up several blockades on other roads and villages where the lawmaker could sneak through to escape.

“Apart from those at the emir’s palace, several youth groups have also blocked all other roads the senator may seek to sneak out, not just in Talasse here, but other villages along the road as well,” he said.

According to him, police officers had been called to the scene but they had to retreat to a distance to avoid confrontation with protesters.


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