#International : Happy Matrimony !!! Chelsea star Fabregas ties the knot with partner Daniella Semaan

Chelsea fc super star Francesc Fabregas  tied the knot with his long-term partner Daniella Semaan.

Fabregas who is  31-year-old decided to marry Daniella before Chelsea face off with Manchester United in the final of the FA Cup.

Cesc and Daniella have been in a relationship since 2011 but finally got married on Tuesday, May 15.

Daniella who is 12 years older than Cesc previously had two children with her former partner Elie Taktouk.

She and Cesc have had a fruitful relationship with three children (LiaCapri, and Leonardo) before they eventually got married.

Daughters Lia and Capri played the role of bridesmaid for their mother at the occasion, while also present at the occasion were the relatives of and close friends of Cesc and Daniella.

Daniella and Cesc reportedly met in London when she asked for his autograph for her son and they have been close since.

Fabregas took to his official Instagram account to post a picture of his ceremony with a caption,“Just married to the woman of my dreams.”

While Semaan wrote on her account, “Just married to this handsome man that I adore.”


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