#Nigeria : NEWS : Family Of Four (4) Slaughtered By Fulani Herdsmen In Nasarawa State

Fulani herdsmen have allegedly killed a family of four in Antsa village, Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

According to a source who spoke to Daily Post, the four people were killed on their farmland by the herdsmen.

A Tiv leader in the state, Thomas Gar, also spoke on the incident.

He said: “The young man was going to his farm alongside his wife and child when they were intercepted by the suspected Fulani herdsmen.

“They collected his man’s phone and forced him to call his father to come so that they will release them.

“He called his father to the spot and instead of releasing them, the young man, the wife, the child and the father that came were all killed instantly.”

Situation getting worse

The Tiv leader also pleaded to the Federal Government to come to their aid, adding that the situation is getting worse.

He said  “The vice president came barely about a month ago and all our expectations were that there will be peace. But unfortunately, there is no peace in our communities.

“Up till now, nobody has gone back to the places of their abode; the farming season is fast running out and they are still hanging around in the neighbouring communities.

“We have minimum security personnel on the ground and the Tiv people are still stranded in various IDPs camps because they have not gone back to their places of abode.

“The Tiv people in the southern senatorial district of the state are still suffering and are still trapped in the IDPs camps.”

According to Daily post, the identities of those killed by the herdsmen are: Utindi Kyor (Father); Shie-Aondo (Son); Dedzugwen (Daughter-in-law) and Boyi (Grandson).


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