#Nigeria:News:I regret going public with my cosmetic surgery -Princess Modupe Ozolua


Princess Module Ozolua who is widely referred to as the pioneer of body enhancement/ plastic surgery in Nigeria, has said that she regrets going public with her own cosmetic surgery.

In an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu of #Rubbingminds yesterday, Modupe said she had to pay to be on the cover of Ovation magazine to reveal she had done breast augmentation because the level of ignorance Nigerians had about cosmetic surgery at the time when she started her company was quite amazing. She says she however looks back sometimes and wished she never mentioned it.

”Initially I wasn’t opened to telling anybody because it is a personal choice and it is nobody’s business. The level of ignorance was very disturbing. People aid if you did your stomach or nose and you are on the plane, you would die. I was like are these people really serious? That was what prompted me to pay to be on the cover of Ovation magazine where I finally said what I had done. That was the first time I said it. Many times now, I look back and wished I never did because prior to that, I was being celebrated as the young genius. The minute I said I had done augmentation, I was now the boobs lady” she said


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