#Thailand:Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis To Stop Him From Cheating.


In the Chonburi province of Thailand, a woman identified as Karuna Sanusan applied a permanent solution to control husband’s cheating habit by slicing his private part while he was asleep.

Thai police confirmed that the incident occurred on Monday, July 2, 2018.

Woman cuts off husband's private part to help him quit cheatingIt was a case of jealousy for Karuna Sanusan who confessed to cutting off husband’s private part.

She reportedly got jealous after learning about 40-year-old husband’s numerous flings.

A report by Khaosod Thailand’s news site based in Bangkok reveals that she regrets the action.

This was captured in a statement revealed by a police officer in charge of the case Captain Somkid Boonloy.

“We arrested her right away in the morning. She confessed.

“She said she regrets what she did, and that she shouldn’t have done it. She said she did it because the man was having affairs,” Boonloy states in the report.

The woman risks being sentenced to ten years behind bars for harming her husband in the manner.

Doctors at a hospital where her partner was taken to were not able to mend the damage caused to his private part.

This is reportedly as a result of the woman sluggishness in disclosing where she kept the chopped remnant of husband’s penis.


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