#Kenya : Taking Selfies In Kenya Now Attract Tax.


Selfie lovers in Makueni county in Kenya will now be paying a sum KSh100 for taking pictures with phones.

This is coming as different counties in Kenya are proposing new taxes to augment the financing of the 2018 budget, Ugbliz reports.

From tax on street preaching, taking phone photos commonly known as selfies and hawking of food on the streets, these new taxes are being proposed by the government of the counties.

Here is a list of the new taxes being proposed.

In Siaya County

Street preachers will pay KSh20,000 ($198) upfront per day to use lawns maintained by the county government if the Finance Bill 2018 is approved.

In Makueni County

Casino owners will be required to pay KSh30,000 ($297) a month as the county government looks to improve revenues to finance the KSh8.9 billion budget.

Selfie lovers are expected to pay a KSh100 fee for taking photographs using their mobile phones.

In Nairobi

Supermarkets and shopping malls will surrender a share of proceeds from private car parks and sale of packaging bags to shoppers.

Residents will have to pay for disposal of waste.

Property owners will be slapped with higher land rates with a valuation of properties expected soon.

Other new taxes in other regions

Local musicians fond of performing with live bands will be forced to get an entertainment permit of KSh1,000 per night.

Local operators of film/video shows will pay KSh1,500 per day.

Nairobi’s acting Finance Executive Charles Kerich, said: “It is unfair that shoppers pay for bags even after spending heftily. I will also be proposing a fee for private parking firms that charge their customers hourly parking rates.”


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