#Russia2018 World Cup : Olivier Giroud explains how ‘shy’ N’Golo Kante was forced to lift World Cup trophy



Olivier Giroud has lifted the lid on how N’Golo Kante was forced to hold the World Cup trophy after France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia. Despite picking up countless individual awards since arriving in England back in 2015, Kante remains one of the most humble footballers on the planet and proved as much after this summer’s final in Moscow.



The Chelsea midfielder was at the heart of Didier Deschamps’ side throughout the tournament but was keen to distance himself from the celebrations while the likes of Hugo Lloris, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann worked the crowd. Eventually, Kante was forced to lift the Jules Rimet Trophy after Steven Nzonzi ensured that his team-mate had his time in the limelight.


Asked about lifting the trophy, Giroud told Chelsea TV: ‘Obviously we knew that Hugo would be the first one to touch it. ‘I have to say I have been clever because I took the good position to touch it.’


‘I was waiting my turn,’ Kante then said before being interrupted by Giroud. ‘He is so shy so he didn’t want to say “give it to me”, so he had to wait. Sometimes people came in front of him. ‘At the end of the day someone took it and gave it to him.’


Asked about his emotions after France’s triumph, Kante explained: ‘When the final whistle blew the trophy came to our hands and we knew that this moment we would never forget. ‘When we see the picture now, it’s always something that brings a smile and bring memories of these two months we spent together and this beautiful moment.




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