#Kenya : British Prime Minister Theresa May been dancing again In Kenya





We’re not sure if it’s gangnam style or Theresa-style but there’s no stopping our dancing queen. Theresa May was spotted busting out some serious dance moves while at the UN offices in Nairobi, Kenya. She was there to talk plastics and meet scouts but it seems she couldn’t help catch the beat.


Mrs May shows off her footy skills while former Norwegian politician and Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme Erik Solheim looks on


As a band played music, the PM joined in the dancing by copying the moves of some young scouts – swinging her arms in a move that has now been dubbed the ‘Maybot’. She was first seen doing her signature move at a school in South Africa at the start of her trip. Mrs May jokingly played down her chances of appearing on Strictly Come Dancing after she was seen breaking it down on the dancefloor in Cape Town.

Prime Minister Theresa May breaks into dance whilst meeting with scouts at the United Nations offices in Nairobi on the third day of her visit to Africa


Elsewhere on her UN visit, the PM was given a demonstration on the reuse of plastics and how bags and bottles can be made into everyday items such as balls, dolls, a dress and tennis rackets. She also bowled a ball at nine plastic bottles, achieving a strike. She was heard saying: ‘That’s better than I normally do’.


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